Rebecca Crystal Pereira

Medium: Tile Art, Ceramics and Glazes.

Rebecca Pereira was born and raised in the United Arab Emirates, with roots from Portugal. Her practice explores themes of identity and society in a personal context.  Rebecca has participated in various exhibitions and is an emerging artist.

'O Mercado de Arco Da Rua Augusta' © Rebecca Crystal Pereira

‘O Mercado de Arco Da Rua Augusta’ © Rebecca Crystal Pereira

“I’ve always been inspired by the figure and its ability to convey different meanings. Whilst my passion lies within painting, I try to incorporate elements of photography, printmaking and sculpture at times to help further my practice. I enjoy creating or re-creating experiences to convey a message, where I hope to get a response from the viewer. My recent practice is in ceramics and glazes, which evolved from my appreciation of oils and acrylics.

'A Batalha de Atoleriors' © Rebecca Crystal Pereira

‘A Batalha de Atoleriors’ © Rebecca Crystal Pereira

My recent body of work was the research of the symbols of my family’s Coat of Arms, After studying and researching each element, I decided to take the approach of narrative painting (through the traditional medium of underglazes on ceramic tiles) and drawing, and create compositions based on specific elements of the coat.

For my narrative paintings, I replace humans with animals that represent their coat of arms, mixing elements of surrealism, mythology, fantasy and realism. I de-contextualise these historic, staged events, forcing my absence in identity through my choice of the elements in the narrative composition.”

'The familiarity of the unfamiliar' © Rebecca Crystal Pereira

‘The familiarity of the unfamiliar’ © Rebecca Crystal Pereira

Her work can be purchased through her website or via Email; and she is available for private commissions.

Contact Information



Phone (PT): (+351) 910 882 027

Phone (UAE): (+971) 473 29 39

Facebook Page:  @rebeccacrystalpereira

Instagram: rcp.x

Artevue: @rebecca

You can view a selection of her wide range of work via her gallery here. Click on any of the images to start the slideshow.


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