Ana Domingues Pereira

Medium: Tile Painting (using manual traditional Portuguese Maiolica techniques); textile and wire flowers and sculpture; lamps with wood and recycled objects; photo manipulation/collage

“I was born in 1959 so I am quite old. Professionally I am a physical education teacher but otherwise I am a learner, always curious and looking for the new and the changing nature of things.

I began painting tiles only 2 years ago and found pet portraits and maritime subjects to be my main themes.

I worked for a period as a logo designer and sometimes miss it, but digitally the photo-manipulation and collages that I do are my favourites; and with them I have won some small prizes and also I have worked on a photo magazine creating a mensal tutorial.

pet portrait - commision

‘Pet Portrait – Commission’ © Ana Domingues Pereira

My tiles are hand painted in the traditional Portuguese style like back in the XVII or XVII centuries. I design on paper, copy with transparent paper, make holes with a spike tool, transfer the drawing to the raw tile with the help of charcoal powder and after that I paint the drawing with, normally, 3 shadows of blue pigment. I make copies from old tiles but I prefer to have a challenge with commissions or new ideas.

velho raposo - tile pannel

‘Velho Raposo’ © Ana Domingues Pereira

Besides the tiles I love to try new kinds of manualities and mediums – including textiles, cork, photography, digital paintings, wire and wood.”

textil brooch flower

‘Textile Brooch Flower’ © Ana Domingues Pereira

Ana has some work already completed and for sale; but she also loves to have new commissions to challenge herself.

She participates in some crafts market in both the Algarve and Lisbon and uses her Facebook page to promote the events. She is always reachable through personal messaging on Facebook.

Contact Information

Ana Pereira – Atocks.Azulana



Phone: (+351) 930 660 667

Facebook Page: Atocks.Azulana

Instagram: ana_at_atock

You can view a selection of her wide range of work via her gallery here. Click on any of the images to start the slideshow.

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