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Here in the Algarve there are a number of public, private and charitable supporters who share a commitment to supporting and promoting art in all its forms, and we are delighted to work with them to ensure that Art in the Algarve is given the widest platform possible.


Welcome to the new Algarve Society of Artists

‘Algarve Art Supporters’ Membership Programme

Our aim is simple – to bring together, encourage, support and promote artists and art of all genres across the Algarve.

Membership costs only 25€ per annum and entitles you to all of the following:

An exclusive full page listing on our website which will include full contact details and information about your company and its products and will be listed under our Algarve Art Supporters Category in our Directory on the website.

This is a brilliant way of promoting your work and products / events or services and reaching a new and targeted audience of interested people.

Members Meetings, Workshops and Get-togethers

Our aim is to encourage artists to come out of their studio or workspace every now and then, have lunch, make new friends, share ideas and maybe learn some new skills too. You would be welcome to join us.

Algarve Pop Up! Art Exhibitions and Events

We are aiming to run more multi-art ‘Pop Up!’ events in the future. You will be the first to know about these and be invited to support us or maybe even display with us.

Do you support, create, sell, enjoy or promote art of any kind?

– and are you based in the Algarve?          Then why not join us!

We are at the very beginning of this exciting journey to create something new and different here in the Algarve.

Membership costs only 25€ per annum

If you are interested – just email me and I will send you details of how to subscribe.

Kyle Rodriguez


If your company is directly related to selling or promoting art in the Algarve please have a look at our Algarve Art Corporate Membership – click the link here for more information:


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