Mary Porter

Medium: Sculpture

“Initially self-taught, in 1992 I discovered a love of sculpting in clay as a form of therapy when recovering from debilitating illness. My strongest influences at that time came from notable East Anglian Artists, Maggie Hamlin and Vanessa Pooley.

On moving to Portugal in 2006, I was introduced to working with composite stone, exhibiting at The Côrte-Real Gallery and the Hotel Vila Joya.


© Mary Porter

It was my ambition to eventually work with the beautiful natural stone and wood so readily available in Portugal. In 2015 I signed up to a series of classes with the renowned German Sculptor, Sören Ernst, and began to learn the various techniques required. As a student of Sören, I’ve gained in confidence and expertise and continue to take on ever more demanding projects.

In the last few years my sculpture has been represented at The Lady in Red Gallery in Lagoa, the Art Academy in Lagos and the Vila do Bispo Cultural Centre.


© Mary Porter

My style is essentially figurative, aspiring towards flowing, sensuous, tactile naturalism. For me, the greatest challenge is describing both emotion and movement in a piece of work.”

Mary is currently exhibiting at the Vila do Bispo Cultural Centre.


Presently Mary is not represented by a gallery; work and proposals for commissions can be arranged by contacting her personally by E-mail.

Contact Information


Phone: (+351) 91 448 2549

You can view more of her work via her gallery here. Click on any of the images to start the slideshow.


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