Henk de Vries

Medium: Sculpture

Henk de Vries born in 1946 in Nieuwer Amstel, and he was born into a creative family. He married Hennie in 1967 and together they have 3 children. Together with his wife, they started a driving-school and a Taxi and Touring Car company. In 2000 they sold the company for health reasons; they bought a Campervan, and travelled in several countries.


Original Sculpture © Henk de Vries

Henk was always interested in sculptures, and after he met sculptor Felix van Breugel, he was able to learn more about the art of sculpture. During the trips in the Campervan, he always made sure he had enough stones for him to be engaged in his favourite hobby. Now they stay at the Campsite in Alvor for most of the year and he is busy stone-carving almost every day.


Original Sculpture © Henk de Vries

Henk is a member of the Art ways Art group in Portugal.


Original Sculpture © Henk de Vries

Henk’s work is available for sale, and he is available for commissions.

Contact Information

Email: henkdevriesart@gmail.com

Email: camperhenk571@gmail.com

Phone: (+31) 652 344 097

You can view more of his work via his gallery here. Click on any of the images to start the slideshow.

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