Adina Jagbeck

Medium: Sculpting, mainly aerated concrete and polymer clay

I started sculpting around 2000 after having spent too much time working on the computer.

I have tried lots of traditional and less traditional sculpture materials. As an architect by trade, I feel at ease around ‘building’ materials including cast and free formed concrete, wood, reinforcement steel etc. But I have also worked with clay and bronze, both unfortunately requiring expensive equipment. Currently, I use mostly blocks of aerated concrete (wikipedia) for larger pieces and polymer clay (wikipediafor smaller items.

20190227_161849 red

Despair light (Aerated concrete, 60 cm high, private) © Adina Jabeck


Part of my inspiration is curiosity. I cannot be too sure where a project ends up. I need to surprise myself a little. Part is ambition to embody a situation and I prefer to keep some ambiguity in my work.

For the time being, I divide my time between Lagos and Stockholm (Sweden).


20200206_095355 red

Thoughtful model (Polymer clay, 25 cm frame) © Adina Jabeck


Please contact me if you want to look at my work or would like to buy any item.


P1020336 red

Avishai Cohen in concert (Relief casted pigmented concrete, 60 cm high) © Adina Jabeck


Contact Information



Phone: +46 708 350 415


You can view more of her work via her gallery here. Click on any of the images to start the slide show.