Andrea Barlow


“Originally from Derbyshire, I moved to the Algarve 15 years ago to escape the rat race and start a new life with my partner.  I always say to people, in the UK I was just existing, here I am actually living and loving life.

I have always been creative and have dabbled in many different forms of art as it’s my way of relaxing and switching-off.  I stumbled upon pyrography and found an instant connection, probably because of my love for wood, and have not looked back since.


Original Work © Andrea Barlow

Pyrography is the art of burning designs or pictures onto wood by using a heated tool or flame.

My work, to date, has been varied and dependent on who the piece is for, ranging from various sized boxes, chopping boards, framed pictures and I recently completed my very first portrait which was very well received.

Portrait - 58th wedding anniversary

‘Portrait – 58th wedding anniversary’ © Andrea Barlow

I am open to enquiries for commissions – at the moment my spare time is limited (eagerly awaiting retirement!) and I am also in the process of finding a good source for my wood here in Portugal, but I would be able to discuss any requirements with potential clients.”


‘Owl’ © Andrea Barlow

You can view her completed pieces on her Facebook page along with pictures of her current works in progress.

Contact Information


Facebook Page: ajpyrography

You can view more of her work via her gallery here. Click on any of the images to start the slideshow.

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