Kelly Landrey

Medium: Photography

“I have had an idyllic life, growing up in Zimbabwe. The daughter of an engineer and a fashion-designer mother, I was schooled in the then best colonial schools of the time, in the capital Harare, formerly Salisbury.

Our long days were filled with sunshine, sports, good education and of course art, and influenced by my mother’s designing career and the gorgeous fashion magazines she brought home; I would spend hours pouring over the photographs and high fashion plates and stunning jewellery.


© Kelly Landrey

So it seemed only natural that I have been blessed with a curious mind and the gift of being able to create and travel and write and take photographs of my journeys, which have brought me to some incredible places; Portugal, Mozambique, South Sudan, Kenya, Myanmar, Indonesia , Borneo, to name just a few; and it has been small pieces of these places, a piece of wood, a shred of fabric, a shard of weathered Chinese blue porcelain picked up on a beach, glimpses caught in a photograph, and the privilege of growing up and living in Zimbabwe that has inspired many of my most interesting pieces and photographs.”


© Kelly Landrey

My love of light and the camera happened whilst taking photos of my various completed  jewellery pieces. My love of the bush and wild places in Zimbabwe had to be caught in the lens too, and so a collection of much loved photographs has led to exposing them on canvas, some of the photos being just to wonderful to lock away in the computer or in an album.

I love what I do, and mostly I love the pieces that I design, and the photographs that I take. My work in both respects is  often very contemporary, sometimes clean and simple, often my photographs are distant, hazy and vague.

I usually have a small amount of items with me in the Algarve, the prints are never the same, and it is always a surprise if you contact me to see what I have in stock. Normally if I have new items, I will take photographs and post these onto my Facebook page, so if you are following me, you will see when I have new stock and what is available.

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© Kelly Landrey

I have canvas prints available for sale here in the Algarve, please contact me for more information or to view my work.

Kelly also has a separate page showcasing her unique and bespoke jewellery – click the link here to visit her other page:

Kelly Landrey – Jewellery

Contact Information


Phone: (+351) 91 202 0265

Facebook Page for her jewellery: Off the Wall Silver by Kelly

You can view more of her work via her gallery here. Click on any of the images to start the slideshow.


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