Frans Verschoor

Medium: Photo, Video, Installation, Mixed Media

Born: 1956
Education: 1975 – 1980 Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
“Since 1980 I have worked as an artist, making sculptures, paintings, installations and soundscapes. My current work consists mainly of photoworks and video.”

'Spain-Conil-de-la-Frontera' © Frans Verschoor

‘Spain-Conil-de-la-Frontera’ © Frans Verschoor

Frans Verschoor works within a tradition, trying to capture space-time in one single image. For Verschoor, a memory is not just a single event, but a collection of moments. He started to routinely photograph the same places and objects over time. This gave rise to collections of sometimes hundreds of photographs, which are blended together to a single image.

Apart from the series in time, Verschoor has also taken shots of the same subject in space, such as a tree photographed from many different sides. With this technique, he attempts to represent not just a tree, but the tree. Despite the use of digital techniques, Verschoor’s work doesn’t emanate as a digital image, but in its appearance it refers rather to old paintings.

'Portugal-Algarve-1' © Frans Verschoor

‘Portugal-Algarve-1’ © Frans Verschoor

Verschoor’s work contains traditional themes, such as the recurring horizon. But first and foremost, the blended images form a Gestalt, an overall picture in which time is not linear, but cyclical. Routine becomes solidified time. One memory, consisting of many moments.

'Dolomieten' © Frans Verschoor

‘Dolomieten’ © Frans Verschoor

His work can be purchased – contact him via Email – and he is also available for private commissions.

Contact Information



Phone: (+351) 91 202 7256

Facebook Page: frans.verschoor.54

Instagram: fransverschoor

 You can view more of his work via his gallery here. Click on any of the images to start the slideshow.


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