The Algarve is a beautiful place to take photographs.

Below you will find a list of Algarve-based photographers known for their stunning landscape and seascape photography.

Dave Sheldrake

Dave Sheldrake is a professional photographer living and working in the Algarve in Portugal. He specialises in property photography, weddings, events and celebrations, private commissions, portraits and commercial work.

Frans Verschoor

Frans Verschoor works within a tradition, trying to capture space-time in one single image. For Verschoor, a memory is not just a single event, but a collection of moments. His current work consists of photoworks and video. His work is available for sale and he is also open to private commissions.

Leanne Byrom

Leanne’s photography is inspired by animals in the wild and she will go to the Nth degree to capture images that are unique and portray animal behaviour. Her work is available for sale.