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New Algarve Art! Magazine Launched

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Date of Press Release Friday 6th October for immediate publication

Title: New ‘Algarve Art’ Magazine is Launched

‘Algarve-Art’ is proud to announce the publication of a new unique Algarve Art! quarterly Free online Art Magazine for the Algarve.


The First Edition of the brand new Algarve Art! magazine was launched this week.

This is a new quarterly online magazine brought to you free of charge to read and enjoy.

The Magazine is linked to the new Algarve Art website and newly formed Algarve Society of Artists.

Their aim is simple – to bring together, encourage, and support Algarve-based artists and art of all genres; and to showcase and promote art and art events across the Algarve.

The new free quarterly magazine will feature a host of articles and special features on artists here in the Algarve, together with information on upcoming events and exhibitions, classes and courses. The second half of the publication will always feature an A to Z Directory of Algarve Society of Artists Members, showcasing each individual artist in turn, and giving you the chance to discover a whole new online visual gallery of Algarve artists, styles of art, paintings and gifts.

Click the link below to read the new Autumn 2017 edition:

Editor Alyson Sheldrake says that she is absolutely delighted with the response she has received following the online launch of the magazine this week.

With e-mails like this being received from happy readers, it certainly looks like we are onto a winner here:


Seriously Alyson, that’s amazing!!!!!!!! Massive congratulations on your first edition and well done for making it so brilliant! It looks absolutely fantastic! 

That must have been such a lot of work for you – 118 pages…. How long did it take to get that all together? 

Love the divide between articles in the front and A-Z directory in the back, makes it really clear. And that sardines in schools project is fabulous, what a cool way of getting kids into art!

Only one question: when’s the next issue?”

There are already over 50 members of the new Algarve Society of Artists, with new enquiries being received every day – and that is just in the first few weeks of launching the new website. And the next issue of the Algarve Art! Magazine is due for release 5th January 2018 which gives you plenty of time to enjoy the Autumn edition.

For more information you can view the website via this link


Name to contact for more information –

Alyson Sheldrake         Telephone 91 202 7256



And you can view some of the many fabulous comments that our readers and supporters have sent to us about our first edition – click the link below to start the slideshow:


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