Nicky Whiteman

Medium: Mixed Media / Illustration

Nicky has been an art practitioner since her schooling. She was taught in the disciplines of Fine Art, Graphic Design, Photography and Art History by the established artist, Sue Halloway, in the UK.  A year at Winchester School of Art saw Nicky move away from more mainstream fine art and start to explore more with photography, graphic design and computer manipulation.

Today she describes her most typical works as bright, fun and illustrative, but occasionally she acknowledges she’s drawn back into the world of expressive fine art approaches and crafts.


‘Obrigado, Bob’ © Nicky Whiteman

“Having been a creator or various forms of art over a long period of time I think it’s difficult to establish in which style of art my work really sits! I have ‘dipped my toe’ in so many areas now and believe very firmly in the value of experimentation.

I love to combine art forms and materials, a crossing over of the rules if you like.  I suppose I struggle with style labels in principle really. Do I consider myself a fine artist? a photographer?, a graphic artist? who knows. Many of my works will begin as a vision in my head, then as a pencil outline on paper, then progress with the wonderful permanency of indian ink. From there, the work is scanned and becomes a virtual work and then the journey goes full circle as it returns to a printed canvas or other presentation.”


‘Gone Potty’ © Nicky Whiteman

Nicky spends time between Portugal and England currently and hopes to be involved in exhibiting at our future events.

Bob Goes Sailing in Lagos

‘Bob Goes Sailing in Lagos’ © Nicky Whiteman

Nicky’s work is available for sale and she is open to approaches for commissions in any style.  Please contact her to discuss your interest.

Contact Information



Phone: (+351) 918 369 995 or (+44) 7397 549759

You can view more of her work via her gallery here. Click on any of the images to start the slideshow.

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