Liza Walker

Medium: Stained Glass Art

“Hello. My name is Liza walker . I have lived in the Algarve for 22 years. I live out in the sticks with my husband and a menagerie of dogs, cats, pigs and birds.
I am a self taught stained glass artist ranging from simple suncatchers to panels and windows. I work on glass mainly in the winter as I have a full time job in the summer. I run classes from october throught to April.
My main inspiration comes from nature and its colours and shapes.


Magnolia. designed by l .walker the glass house algarve 2018 © Liza Walker

I spend many happy hours peering into different coloured glass , letting it catch the sun or artificial light wondering what it will become.
This art medium is so absorbing that hours go by and I dont notice the cuts and scrapes or the time or that darkness has fallen. It’s a good way to clear the mind and relax the thoughts and tensions.

Art deco harp lady lamp

Art deco harp lady lamp. Hand made by L walker the glass house algarve © Liza Walker

I make most of my own designs and will welcome commissions from people or come along to a class and maybe you can make your own piece of stained glass art.

Royce. A good boy.

Royce. A good boy. designed by l.walker the glass house algarve © Liza Walker


Here’s a link to an article in Essential Algarve about Liza’s work with stained glass.

A MEET THE ARTIST article with Liza in the Tomorrow magazine


Contact Information



Facebook Page: The Glass House Algarve

Instagram: theglasshousealgarve

Phone: (+351) 91 418 5021

You can view more of her work via her gallery here. Click on any of the images to start the slideshow.

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