We are proud to present a dedicated section on this website exclusively for our members to promote their Exhibitions, Shows, Events and Open Studios.

We will also promote and showcase events in our magazine Algarve Art!

Many of our members will be exhibiting and selling at various events and exhibitions this year – if you go to any events and you see our logo displayed – come over and see us and say hello!

Details of our Members’ current and upcoming Algarve Exhibitions.

Current Exhibitions:

‘Transformations in Nature’  Exhibition from 27 April to 31 July. The Centro Cultural de Lagos is open Tuesday to Friday from 10am-6pm in the Rua Lançarote de Freitas.

The Algarve Artists Network (AAN) many of whom are ASA members, opens a new edition of the very successful ‘Transformations in Nature’ series at the Centro Cultural de Lagos on Saturday the 27th of April at 18h Hours. The exhibition is showing works by 15 artists highlighting the changes we humans are making to the environment, to animal and to human species.

This is the third exhibition in the series previously held at Galeria António Aleixo in Vila Real de Santo António in 2016, and at the Contemporary Art Festival in the Museu de Guarda in 2018, both to great acclaim.

At each exhibition new works emerge as the artists become sensitive to yet another environmental issue.

Flyer attached – watercolour by Tom Bund.



The BAM Art Gallery in Albufeira of ASA Member Betty Anne Mörelius currently has an exhibition twith five artists from Sweden. See flyer below.

Summer Exhibition 2019



The new collective art exhibition in the Museum in São Brás de Alportel runs from the 13th July to the 9th September. See the poster below for more information.



Future Events:

more to come