Details of our Members’ current and upcoming Algarve Exhibitions.

Current Exhibitions:

New member Ralph Torgardh has a photographic exhibition in Lagoa from March 12th to April 5th:


He tells us more about it here:

My Landscape

This is an exhibition about my photographing journey, through landscapes that I’ve visited, with magical moments of peaceful silence, dramatic weather, breath-taking scenery, or just being in front of an old tree. All variations through My Landscape eyes.

My name is Ralph Torgardh. I’m from Sweden. I have been retired since 5 years, and living in Portugal since more than 3 years with my wife Agneta.

I started to photograph in 2012. Actually by coincidence. Up to this point, I had had a hectic working life, with too many meetings and no time for nature. One example was that I had a very poor knowledge about birds. To learn more and defining the species, I bought a camera. I learned a lot of birds, but I realized that my big interest was not the birds, but photographing.

I like nature, and my landscape photography leads me into nature. I experience the beauty in landscapes, I appreciate what I feel and see with my camera. These things I never saw in my former working life.

I photograph different things, but I enjoy landscapes most.

As a landscape photographer, I search for the composition, with the variation of light and weather. A grey day, storms and rain are often more interesting than just a blue sky.

All kind of landscapes fascinates me. Coast line, forests, mountains, rivers, the blooming almond trees.

Most of my photos in this exhibition are from Portugal and Spain, but as well Sweden and Scotland.

I’m very grateful to the Escola De Arts, letting me have this exhibition.
I hope my photos will attract you, giving you a feeling of what I felt photographing them.

Enjoy and let’s go into My Landscape.

Warm welcome

Ralph Torgardh


The Museu do Traje in São Brás de Alportel organised and curated by one of Members, Anneke Verschoor-Kuipers, has ongoing exhibitions and events – here is the information on their latest exhibition from the 9th March to the 6th May:

sao bras mar2019

And member Anna Knoop is in São Brás de Alportel from the 2nd to the 31st March too:

expositie Rian en Anna[5779]-1

Future Events:

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