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“I have lived in the Algarve for 14 years, originally growing up in the east of England. My artistic streak started at school when art and music were my favourite subjects but later changed to digital creation of art via adverts, websites and any form of printed or digital media. I am from a sales and marketing background in the UK, working for many different companies, such as Whitbreads, Renault UK and Granada Television. My sales and marketing background along with technical abilities mean that digital media comes easily to me. I love my work as it varies so much and can be challenging at times.”

I offer all kinds of Digital Marketing Products, both Physical and Virtual.
What does that mean?
Physical Media: Branding, Logos, Favicons, Business Cards, Flyers, Pricelists, Posters etc
Virtual (Digital) Media: Social Media Creation and Management, Marketing Campaigns, Email Campaigns, websites (big or small)
And much more, if it’s printed or online I can help.

WordPress training also available.

Members of the Algarve Society of Artists are welcome to a 10% discount on any of our products including the Algarve Business Directory.


Contact Information

Matt Love

Algarve Business Consultants
By Appointment only

Opening Hours: Monday-Friday 10.00-18.00




Phone: (+351) 911 911 918

Facebook Page: AlgarveBusinessConsultants

Twitter: Algarve_Consult


Portfolio of work available to view at:

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