Cory Sea

Medium: digital art, photography and music

“My father was a painter and professor of art, so I grew up in a rich artistic environment. I have also lived in many countries and experienced many cultures. These experiences have enriched my art and music.”

swamp dawn

swamp dawn © Cory Sea

“Both my art and music are meant to inspire and uplift. The more beautiful my art and music is, the more they can do this.”

cosmic bloom2

cosmic bloom 2 © Cory Sea

Cory is available for private commissions. If you do not require a specific commission, you can select your desired image from his website. You can then discuss details such as size, where the image will be printed, whether the image will be sent/given to you as the client in digital or in fabricated form, etc. The actual print is on vinyl which is then bonded to a backing material, typically dibond or foamalite. Cory can organize the printing/fabrication of the image here in the Algarve with a local printer that he uses in Chinicato. Alternatively the file can be sent for printing in other locations, including other countries. The quote is given when these practicalities are decided upon.

Contact Cory for more information.

Contact Information



Phone: (+351) 93 646 3729

Facebook Page: cory.sea.5

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