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“Every now and then, passion and talent collude in the hands of a true artist who transform life’s ordinary things, our ordinary bodies into a kaleidoscope of colour, splendour and joy”


An artist such as this is Uschi Kuhn


For over 40 years Uschi Kuhn has seen beauty in the ordinary and translated the mediocre into stunning works of art.

Touching, feeling, caring, humour and colour are the foundation stones from which she creates her art. Her fields of work are limitless as she is not bound by any single artistic medium; clay, water colour, body-art, ferrous-cement, papier-mâché, glass, sculpting, painting, are all equal tools in her hands.

Every single aspect of life has a value that Uschi recognizes; not only recognized through her artistic acumen, but recognized through her empathetic compassion. She has experienced real love, deep abiding contentment, but also heart-rending adversity and heartbreak in her life. These tragic events gave Uschi her profound compassion for the suffering of people and most especially for the struggle of women ‘picking up the pieces’ to survive, and who find the courage and confidence to thrive and flourish once again, as she herself has done. Her creed is defined in this quote:

“I have always embraced the world with both arms. I’ve conquered it, been lost, laughed a lot, and also cried and fought.”

Uschi is available for private commissions and her work can be viewed at her home studio by appointment. 


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