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I am a Fine Art Photographer, digital artist, and designer.  I started out as primarily a landscape photographer, but soon discovered that, for me, it was too limiting a title, for I will capture anything and anyone that captures my imagination.

Experience. I have been creating images since the early sixties, when I worked exclusively in black and white, developing my own film, as well as printing and enlarging my own prints in my darkroom.

I am now fully digital and proficient in Photoshop, Bridge, Camera RAW, Lightroom and other software.  All my cameras are Digital, both Single Lens Reflex and now, mirrorless. I shoot in RAW format and post-process in all the programs mentioned. Some of my images are completely literal, but many become “painterly” in my post-processing. I treat each image as an individual entity and have no formula for achieving the final result. I go where the image leads me. Having a fine arts background, I tend to use my camera as my paintbrush.  I have been in shows from Maine to Hawaii and many states in-between. I co-owned and ran my own studio-gallery for many years on the Big Island of Hawaii, and before that, on Vashon, Island, off the coast of Seattle.

I endeavor to create images that draw the viewer into the world represented within the frame, whether naturalistic or abstract. To me each image is a journey, I work to bring out the story dormant in the image.  

While the technical aspects of photography are very important to me, what concerns me most is the final result; however you get there. I want to create images that move me in some fundamental way, that makes me want to explore it more deeply.


My mission is to create works that will enrich the experience of the observer, by stimulating the imagination, and hopefully, touch the heart. 


“The job of the artist is always to deepen the mystery” 

~Francis Bacon

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