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Shelley Foley is a retired Canadian who owned a design and consulting business in London, Ontario. Since moving to Portugal, she has taken up painting as a creative outlet. Shelley works in acrylics to create mainly abstract art and collages. She also creates hand-painted jewellery.

Shelley’s style is constantly evolving as she explores the medium and where it takes her. Some of her artwork makes a political statement, and others just celebrate the beauty of Portugal and the Algarve. She often starts with a poured background and then adds painted figures or other objects as the piece demands. She is mainly self-taught and simply paints from the heart. Her jewellery is designed from left-over paints on silver-plate or stainless steel and glass and is one-of-a-kind.

Shelley’s work can be viewed and purchased through her website or in person by appointment.

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Facebook: Art with Shelley

Whatsapp: +351 926 580 602

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