Collection: Rowan Marques

Originally from the USA, and having lived in Mexico, Brasil, Italy and France, Rowan has recently settled in Vale da Telha. Always an art lover and collector, she did not begin painting until later in life. After careers as a language professor and an advertising director in the fashion industry, she now dedicates herself full time to her art, which, along with her cats, are her passions.
Rowan is a fervent animal lover and organized art charity events for her local cat shelter when she lived in Italy. She gives to animal charities locally and internationally and frequently donates her paintings for fundraising events.

Rowan loves fun art and her goal is to make people smile or laugh with her paintings. Primarily self taught, she works mainly in acrylics and mixed media. She paints a bit of everything, but funky felines, quirky kitties and cool cats remain her subjects of choice. She also enjoys doing animal and pet portraits.
Her inspiration comes from her travels, nature, people watching, and, of course, the antics of her fabulous feline top models.

Rowan’s artwork is available for sale in her studio in Vale da Telha and on her website She takes commissions and gives art lessons in her studio. She organizes paint nites and paint parties at her studio and at outside venues.

Contact Information



Phone (+351) 937 135 486

Facebook: CatHouseFunArt

Instagram: rowanmarques