Collection: Mientje De Goeij-de Rooij

Mientje’s journey on earth started in 1950 in the south of the Netherlands. After secondary school she trained first as a teacher and later as a secretary. She worked as such in different companies. She continued working, together with her husband, after she moved to Hong Kong, where they built up a company together. The 16 years they lived and worked in Asia, the couple traveled extensively, and Mientje has traveled to all continents. Early retirement brought them to the Algarve, which has been home since.

Nature is Mientje’s inspiration. Her first steps on the artistic path she took with her photo camera and she still loves taking pictures of flowers and landscapes. She started painting in 2004, the first years using her own pictures as models for painting. Three teachers have guided Mientje to the artist she is now. First Claude Bernier in Silves. When she moved back to France Mientje found fellow Dutch woman Els Alders in Lagos and later Heather Wilson John in Lagoa. Mientje is still part of the painting group that Heather left behind when she passed in 2018.

Mientje works with oils and watercolours, and she likes to work with palette knives and paints. Her work is displayed in private homes and she has been part of exhibitions of her painting group. Although she does not paint to sell, several works have been sold in the last few years. People that know Mientje’s work in general appreciate her use of vibrant colours. Since she moved on from recreating her own photographs and uses her own imagination and intuition, she creates truly inspiring works of art.

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Phone: (+351) 91 977 7473 or 282 357 590

Facebook Page: Mientje de Goeij-de Rooij

Instagram: degoeijderooij