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I am born the 30th of January 1962 in Orleans a city at 100km from Paris.

I passed hours drawing and I already wanted to be a painter...

I was 14 when we came close to Paris, and I was 20 when I started the beaux art and lived on my own in Paris. Then I started by working with making patterns for materials, but there was not much job.

Bit by bit I finally worked in movies … I started painting for movies, then I was assistant, and finally I became decorator.


But I had enough of Paris, so I left in 1996 to live in the south of France, to be in nature and to paint.

I found work in decoration of festivals, and restoring wall paintings in churches, and I restored my house.

When I arrived in Provence I was painting figurative in a free way, then I wanted to be more free so I went to abstract paintings, some times it is stronger than me I paint flowers or trees.

I made more and more exhibitions, but I did not want to run everywhere with my paintings, I am quite wild and really don’t like moving too much… So all the exhibitions I did was in the same region.

Then I met some one, I sold my house, and we bought one in the Algarve where I go on painting and doing exhibitions…


I used to do figurative paintings but since now 20 years I chose abstract to totally free, I feel like I was exploring the invisible universe with my child heart. I love colors, light, innocence and lightness.


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Phone: 938797124

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