Collection: Marc Thivierge

“I was born in the 50’S in Ottawa, Canada in a family that loved art. Singing was important, mother and father sang.  Opera and classical music was king in our house. Of course, I rebelled with the coming of rock & roll but I eventually came back to classical and the likes.

From car wash attendant to radio announcer; from bed & breakfast owner to event planner, I must have accumulated 20 different employments and I have gathered numerous skills through these experiences.

I am retired today and with my husband we spend a good part of the year in the Algarve. The luminosity here, the colors all around us, the scents and sounds are all elements that make us come back. But it is the people of Portugal that really make the grade with us.

I create my artwork using bright colors, then comes movement.  Movement is imperative!

For me, life is movement therefore in my mind my artwork automatically reflects movement. Movement is synonymous with change…. change always come following movement, movement is needed.

The colors I use reflect joy and light. They are yellows and oranges, whites and light greens. At times a virtual rainbow.

My influences are many starting with Picasso, Dali, Riopelle, Klee, L. Viens and many more.

My inspiration is life and what I see in it.  It is the way Mother Nature plays with color, nature in general and wild flowers in particular. As a traveler, I find inspiration in the colors of Portuguese houses and the hillsides they are set upon. It’s there in a wave on the sea off the coastline of Newfoundland and Labrador or a sunset in Mexico. I see it in the cream of a coffee in Italy.  It is also in the outside light dancing with the wind in the trees giving out a reflection on the walls.

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