Collection: Malcolm Hyde

“I attended Salford College and qualified as a graphic designer in the early 1970’s, I then spent a year at the LCP in London studying typographic design.

Returning to Manchester I fell into interior design for my first job and after ten years I then went on to run my own design consultancy for the next 30 years. 5 years ago I decided to take early retirement, and with my wife Joyce we bought a home in our most favourite place in the world, Lagos. We now spend our life 50/50 between our home in Bristol and here in the Algarve.

Being an interior designer I was good at drawing box shapes, so in June 2017 I decided to go back to the beginning and take watercolour classes to learn to be more free and expressive again.

I love Portuguese architecture so for my early studies I am using pen and ink with which I feel very comfortable and then applying watercolour. Although I love working with both mediums I am now developing my confidence of painting more without a pen.

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