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My name is Liza walker . I have lived in the Algarve since 1997.  I live out in the sticks  in Almadena with my husband and a menagerie of happy animals. I work from a small workshop on the land and have a workshop area for classes and a showroom when my work is not on show elsewhere. 

I am a self taught stained glass artist ranging from simple suncatchers to panels and windows. My main inspiration comes from nature and its colours and shapes and from the light that glows through the glass, the juxtaposition of the clarity of true colour from  the glass and the world in full colour as we see it today is sometimes a sad thing for me . 

I work mainly on commission windows, panels and gifts.  Commissions are a joint collaboration between myself and the customer and glass choice, colours, opacity to transparency and  texture are Something we choose between ourselves with my guidance of how the effects of  the different types of glass can change design  and the glass shadows they will throw out as the sun catches the window at different times of the day. 

I spend many happy hours peering into different coloured glass , letting it catch the sun or artificial light wondering what it will become.

This art medium is so absorbing that hours go by and I dont notice the cuts and scrapes on my hands or the time or that darkness has fallen. As with all artistic things It’s a healthy way to clear the mind and relax the body and help deal with situations that are all to present . 

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Facebook Page: The Glass House Algarve

Instagram: theglasshousealgarve

Phone: (+351) 91 418 5021

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