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I took my Art Foundation course at Croydon College of Art and Design from 1975-76 and then studied at Bath Academy of Art, obtaining a BA (Hons) in Fine Art Painting from 1976-79.

I continued to paint large abstracts for a while, but the necessity to earn money took over and for the next 14 years I worked in London in various jobs, culminating at the South Bank Center and Hayward Gallery, organizing exhibitions.

In 1994, I gave up my job and returned to painting… I found that I had to undo much of the academic stuff art college had instilled in me in order to find my personal style of painting.

In 2005 I moved from Brighton UK to Monchique in the Algarve, where my current style emerged – being inspired by the variety in landscape, mountains and towns. Recently, my work has been more influenced by the surrounding landscape, principally the hills and mountains around my home.

My paintings start with a cartoon like drawing, a direct and spontaneous response to what I see, and it is this that the painting is built on. Color is an important element in my paintings, also pattern which is a feature I like to develop and play with.

The process of drawing and gathering information is crucial, during which the organization of shapes on the flat surface takes place. This development directs the painting process from beginning to end.

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