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My creative life began around 1985 when I attended the fashion trade school and successfully completed it in 1989. As part of this, but also afterwards, I have made many costumes and costume designs for clients and theater plays, including for foreign productions.

From 1999 I shifted my artistic activities to painting. For this, I joined art classes in the Netherlands and Belgium and attended Art History classes at the “Vrije Universiteit”. In addition, I have exhibited often (also internationally) and produced many paintings in assignment. Most of my paintings have been sold.

My paintings are usually abstract and have great depth, often through the use of palette knives. The works are built up in many layers, giving a weathered appearance. Extra depth is created through the use of various materials.

I work with acrylic paint, materials such as paper pulp, modeling paste, sand, gold leaf, incense chunks, cardboard, texts, etc. Nowadays I also work with oil paint and natural pigments.

Materials, events, landscapes and impressions that come my way give me inspiration. The many lines and shapes evoke many other elements that require follow-up. While watching the work, you feel as if you read a mysterious and continuous story. Other inspiration comes from the cultural experiences in the Middle- and Far East and Africa, where I lived for many years.

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Facebook: Atelier Beanstream

Phone: +316 27392273

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