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Leanne Byrom was born and raised in Zimbabwe and after a period of travel, settled in the UK. Her home is now the Algarve, Portugal.

Leanne holds a Diploma in Painting & Drawing and Pet Portraiture, from the London College of Art. She is registered as a Professional Artist with The Society for All Artists and is also part of the Association of Animal Artists , The Wildlife Artist Society International , The Association of Open Photographers (all UK organizations) and the Algarve Artists Network.

Leanne has always had a love of nature and animals, preferring to spend her time “in the bush” with a dog at her side whenever possible. Her passion for nature only increased when she started to learn to paint in 1997 and over the years, her art & photography has evolved to focus on this.

“My art is inspired by the way it connects me with nature. The light, movement, sounds, colours and textures. Through art, I can ground myself, and the creativity involved in creating art work has become an important part of my self-identity.

When I’m painting I feel a very close connection to our natural world – a sense of being at one with the world. Through my art, I aim to share these enriching emotions and my passion for the wild world with others. To capture a moment in time and make the observer feel as if they were there.”

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Phone: (+351) 934 747 233

Facebook Page: animalpastels

Twitter: leannebyrom

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