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“I am a self taught artist and for me painting is a wonderful, absorbing, satisfying and sometimes frustrating hobby, capable of making hours at a time fly by. My husband and I moved to the Algarve three years ago when we both retired. We had been coming here for holidays for several years beforehand and could never wait for the next visit to come around. The light here is amazing.

My medium of choice is now acrylics. In England it was pastels which are still my favourite but I found the heat here made them a bit uncomfortable to use as I was ending up with more pastel on my hands than on the paper. Also acrylic paintings are much easier to store or transport than fragile pastels.

I love painting figures and although I occasionally divert to other subjects for a change I am always drawn back to figures, be they human or animal.

When I was about ten years old my mother said to me ‘You are always drawing ladies’ and all these years later this is still what I do.”

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Phone: (+351) 282 496 102

UK Mobile: (+44) 07762 038 257

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