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“I was born in the Netherlands in 1956 and I started painting when I was 45. My profession was a documentalist. I was a part-time student at the “Centrum voor de Kunsten” (that is an institute of art in the Netherlands).

Over the years I had several exhibitions in the Netherlands both solo as well as in a group. In 2013 I moved to live in the Algarve and became resident here. I have exhibited my paintings in the Algarve each year since then

I started painting in a realistic style, but afterwards I found myself developing a more abstract style of painting. I only paint what I have a feeling with. I cover a broad range of styles and subjects in my paintings, and I make up my own designs, so that every painting is unique.”

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Phone: (+351) 962 279 538

Facebook Page: deartist.Joke.van.der.Steen

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