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I began painting in 1991, joined the Arists Co Op 7  in Los Angeles, California and exhibited all over L.A. and curated shows every few months until I moved to Salema in 2014.  My last exhibit in L.A. was at the Local 47 Musicians Union Hall.  Then I joined the Vila Do Bispo roster for two group shows and collective shows every year. My mediums are Acrylic, Oil, watercolor and collage with paper mache. My work is reflective and an attempt to have a spiritual experience, which I hope is generated through each piece I do.

When I paint I get in touch with a source that reflects my inner being. Sometimes disconnected, and sometimes aligned with a spiritual and creative source. (Yin & Yang). Through sketching and paintings I get to travel places I’ve never been, and may never get to go. To a fantasy place, filled with color and contrast, found in the obscure nature.

Keeping the colors pure and aligning them in complimentary contrasts allows stories and places to evolve that can be interpreted by the observer in many different ways.

I want everyone who views my work to have the feeling they can transcend reality, and understand the spirituality behind it … and hopefully, I will have transformed their feelings from dark to light.

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Facebook: Jobraswell

Phone: +351 964 201 904

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