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“1953 post-war, the future ahead, a world where hope was allowed, carefree adolescence in the hippy years.
The Loves, catched up by work life, living without worrying about the present time, getting away from the essential.
At 40 years, an awareness, trip around the world, enjoying the present time. 

Then at 60 years, a desire to share what life has offered me. 
My meetings around the globe, the smells, the looks, the colors, the beautiful souls, the sadness, the joy, the laughter, the tears, the fear, the cultures, are deeply anchored in me.
How to share them? I resumed my childhood dream of escaping through painting.
Each painting expresses a unique moment. It represents the escape of your imagination.
If you enjoy watching them, I wouldn’t have lived for nothing. ”

“Abstract allows me a total escape. It’s my moment of Meditation. My work is inspired by my observation and I transcribe through my paintings, what I feel and not what I see. Using all types of equipment and materials. Hope I am gonna make you travel through them…. “

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Phone: (+351) 966 038 379

Facebook Page:  JL.Martiste

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