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Jessica Dunn is a British artist who has lived and worked in Portugal for over 20 years. She studied Art Foundation at Kingston Polytechnic before moving to the Algarve to paint and enjoy the wonderful Southern sunlight.

Jessica was also heavily influenced by her father the comedy actor Clive Dunn who provided her with the creative platforms during her formative years growing up on various T.V. sets to spark and cultivate her interest and passion in the arts.

Over the years her work has gradually transitioned from the figurative to the abstract: textural impressions in acrylics – of land, sea and sky, influenced by the elements, intense sunlight and the drama of the landscape.

“The landscape is constantly shifting and changing. I try to capture the essence of its transient nature, working across the canvas from dark to light, layer-by-layer, brushing on, scraping off, over and over as a colour-mood begins to develop and a story emerges. Tonal layering creates an impression of distance and depth and a focal point appears organically, drawing the viewer in.

For me it’s about the paint and the expressive marks created, which gradually evolve into something familiar, an imagined or remembered landscape, a sea, a sky, or just a feeling. The visual experience becomes an emotive one, an illusion of being immersed in nature, reflective and timeless, of walking into a painting and feeling lifted.”

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Phone: (+351) 962 544 650

Facebook Page: jessicadunnart

Instagram: jessicadunnartist

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