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An Englishman, who has lived and worked in the Algarve for 15 years, with an obsession for creating organic art and light fittings utilizing recycled materials. A horticulturist by trade, and profoundly colorblind, I spend much of my time traveling to flower farms in Europe, Africa and the Americas which inspires my colorful creations.

Nothing is as timeless and beautiful as wood. Using reclaimed wood, giving it a second life by turning it into something that adds beauty to your home or office adds a touch of satisfaction I can’t explain – it has become my passion and joy in life and i hope i can share this with you through my work.
As you would expect, using recycled materials means that each creation is unique, even if the design is similar. We select individual sections of wood to add features and texture to each piece created and are not afraid to leave nails, holes or imperfections which tell their own story and add to the history of these reclaimed pieces.

Sustainability is becoming more and more important to the future of our planet and it’s a rare business that consumes more second hand materials than it produces. The Wood Revival Company strives to be that positive impact on the environment whilst helping to create calm and beautiful living spaces where we can escape from the outside world to energize ourselves.

Whether you want to purchase a standard item from the collection or develop something bespoke to your sizing, be it a picture, headboard or light fitting for a home or office we enjoy working one on one with customers to create something special. Examples of my work can be found through the website, Facebook or Instagram. For private viewings of current work or commissions please contact me directly


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Phone: +351 911 126 474

Facebook Page: @thewoodrevivalcompany

Instagram: thewoodrevivalcompany

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