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Günther Höser studied art at the Kunsthochschule in Hanover and social sciences in Hamburg (Germany), Nice and Paris (France). After being awarded the M.A.S. degree by the EHESS in Paris, he started his professional career at university in Nice and Aix en Provence. In 1981 he left academia for business, and finally started his own software engineering company in 1994.

Running a fast expanding business didn’t leave enough time for painting, and a few years ago Günther sold his flourishing company to devote himself entirely to art. Together with his wife Colette, he developed a unique technology of “voice painting”.

When most people hear “sound, art and computer” in the same sentence, they think of the colour patterns and shapes produced randomly by a computer program. Höser developed a rather complex process (for more details click here), where the computer is “only a tool that gives him access to something which otherwise would be inaccessible”.

At the end of the digital process, the image is still raw, although certain attractive graphic elements start to show. At this stage begins the conventional job of the painter.

Sometimes Höser continues to work on the graphics on the computer, and sometimes he starts immediately painting on a canvas. All his paintings are in oil or acrylic.

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 Phone:  (+351) 91 518 48 43

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