Collection: Guida Pereira

Guida Pereira crashed into her art … literally.

Following a car accident that led to the near loss of her left arm in 2003, Guida recovered, giving a whole new purpose to her right.

Well into her rehabilitation, Guida began putting paintbrush to canvas, experimenting with acrylic, oil, organic textures and metallics. What resulted was the start of a collection demonstrating a fearless delivery of bold colour, fuelled by uninhibited emotion, learned experiences and nostalgia.

Born December 7th, 1963 the self-taught artist takes inspiration from her birthplace, Macau, making her abstract style an eclectic mixture of Chinese and Portuguese influences.

Far from a wreck, Guida’s work reflects her journey through life one canvas at a time – starting from humble beginnings, but anticipating no end to her strokes.

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