Collection: Dawn Poli

I was born in the USA and traveled with my family as a child in other areas of the world from Europe to North Africa. I feel that these experiences have broadened my early influences with art and color. I have a degree in archaeology and have been a Montessori teacher and an elementary art teacher. Since I have retired, I have chosen to live in the beautiful Algarve area. I have a patient husband of 46 years, a daughter who is a contemplative nun, artist and writer and a son who has completed level 3 of his sommelier studies. I am interested in teaching workshops for adults and children, especially art and labyrinth classes.

I feel that the full spectrum of color encompasses the totality of feelings and emotions which are produced on the canvas. The canvas reflects the heart and soul of the artist at that time – it cannot be hidden! My work is essentially abstract/abstract expressionism and surreal at times. I enjoy the spirituality of the art of Kandinsky and the fluidity of the colors in O’Keefe’s flowers. My style, though, is from my heart. I cannot explain it as it expresses itself.

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