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To keep the viewer interested, and to keep the eye moving through the composition, the

forms and compositional devices in my paintings are, in places, deliberately and

provocatively ‘invented’. Ignoring rules of perspective and allowing purely formal

considerations to dominate the ‘design’. Forms are painted not as they are ‘perceived’ but

as they are ‘conceived’.

I make work which is a result of the ‘experience’ I have of seeing the world after having

been passed through various cultural and personal ‘filters’. Each painting is a pictorial

‘equivalent’ for that, a depiction of my memories of that experience.

I believe that painting must always move beyond its subject, and so the mechanics of

painting is crucial to me. Within these paintings the subject itself plays only a minor role. It

is a sub-text to what the painting is essentially about, which is giving ‘form’ to an idea.

One of the oldest ‘metaphors’ for painting suggests that a picture is not a window onto the

world but a snapshot of the mind of the artist. The world at large, beyond the studio, can

take care of itself.

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