Collection: Claire Yvette Lloyd-Bown

I am originally from the UK and now live and work in Lagos. After my Design degree I taught in Further Education Colleges in a variety of areas including: photography, painting, drawing, decorative arts, surface pattern and textile design as well as sculpture.

More recently, as Director of Education at the Institute of Contemporary Arts, London and Education Manager of Newlyn Art Gallery, UK, I worked within the public programming aspect of galleries and cultural institutions  across education and curation of exhibitions. My vision is to help create an inclusive arts and learning environment for all, inspiring learners, artists and new audiences into imaginative projects. 

My work has a hand-drawn painterly quality inspired by everyday life and nature, producing colourful, quirky, and lyrical pieces. Expressive and passionate about colour – I use line drawings, acrylics, photography, mixed media and ‘found objects’.

My artworks inspire my design work for my fashion and textile brand ‘Stranger Than Blonde’. With my textile work, the repeating patterns and large-scale fabric prints I produce present a limitless, infinite aspect to my work. My designs are on silk scarves and women's clothing and accessories with a focus on swimwear, dresses, kimonos and some items for interiors. 

My inspirations come from personal experiences, dreams, memories and encounters with people and the natural world. The exploration of the unconscious workings of the mind gives some pieces a raw and dreamlike quality.  I am fascinated that individual artworks are akin to hand-writing - unique to that person where each aspect of a painting is a decision. In my portrait pieces I focus on a person’s personality, feelings, memories and motivations rather than their physical features.  I like to watch the work emerge and unfold. The ideas appear almost like a happy accident.

I run in-person and online art workshops for both adults and children.

I also accept commissions for artworks or your own fabric designs.

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