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I arrived in Lagos with my 14-month-old son on January 1st, 2000, with the idea of bringing him up as a portable free-thinking European. I am a yacht designer and boatbuilder having lived and worked in the marine industry all over the world. I also designed and built houses in UK and decorated them by copying impressionist paintings because I don’t like prints and could not afford the originals. Alex’s art education has comprised of watching me reproduce all manner of impressionist paintings. It promoted discussion on the history of the artists and their styles and he is now an avid art lover like me.

My early interest in art was generated at the age of nine when I read the story of Han van Meegeren who fooled the critics with his expertise. So my art heroes became people like Wolfgang Beltracchi, Mark Landis and Tom Keating who set up the experts to make fools of themselves in a market that I consider to be totally obscene. Fake or Fortune ? Who cares – if you want a nice picture on the wall it should be yours for the cost of materials and labour like any other product.

I paint in oils for my own pleasure and don’t fake or ‘pass off’ only making ‘from the heart’ unsigned copies in a similar way to the artists of Dafen Village in China. My family unfairly call me I.M.Fakenham. It’s decorative art. Some of my favorite painters are Winslow Homer for seascapes, Whistler for his simplicity, Gauguin and Van Gogh for color and Jack Vettriano whose work I would not even attempt.

I am open to accept commissions.

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Phone: +351 915 802 373

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