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My love for art, especially sketching, developed whilst at school in the 1950’s. It was my favourite subject and the only one that I ever came “ top” in. My first pen and ink work was of an historic London house and this was selected to be exhibited firstly in a local gallery and then in a gallery in Germany, as part of a cultural exchange scheme.

I was subsequently offered a scholarship at a London art college but this was set aside in favour of a career in commerce.

Upon my retirement I decided to take up drawing again for both my own satisfaction and relaxation. I found particular enjoyment in drawing subjects with a strong architectural content, selecting local scenes mainly around Lagos in Portugal and the canal side village of Braunston in the UK.

I was flattered to find that many friends and acquaintances wished to by prints of my pictures which have also featured in magazines and exhibitions in both locations.

The profits made from sales are donated to various charities including the Bombeiros in Portugal and The Air Ambulance in the UK.
I regret to say that I do not do commissions.


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