Collection: Bob Tidy

I am here to present myself as a photographer and digital artist, producing computer generated digital art work. After studying art and design in England, and working as a graphic designer, l moved over to the Algarve in the mid eighties, where l successfully worked for some of the leading design companies of the time, happily expressing myself with imagery, words and concepts. Having returned after a few years away, a new chapter in life begins, with camera in hand. 
My involvement with photography started during my design career, when part of my work included digitally rendering images and working with photographers. I now only work with my own photos. Some of them stay as pure images, others l blend as multi-layered compositions, with some extra "digital painting" applied, and some become abstract as an expression of natural forms, textures and patterns. I am also applying these techniques to portraits.
Because there are times when one image can only say much, both my interest in photography and the endless possibilities of digital editing go beyond this potential limitation. I find that working with a computer adds speed, allows massive experimental freedom and quite frankly, it's fun.
Naturally l welcome commissions and my images are available for purchase. If you are interested, please just drop me line and let's start a conversation.






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