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BJ Boulter attended Saint Martin’s School of Art and Lucie Clayton School of Design in London. Arriving in Portugal from Tanzania over fifty years ago her family decided to settle in the Algarve, since when despite travelling extensively, it is her home. Her lifelong career in film began in Hong Kong at the age of twenty and has taken her around the world, behind the camera as the set designer creating the scene in the studio or finding the right location to rebuild and transform. Painting and drawing is an integral part of set design, whether on location or in the studio a film set is a blank canvas for the director of photography to paint with light.

In recent years BJ devotes as much time as she can to painting. Most of her works are figurative; landscapes, people and wildlife sourced from her travels and safaris to her homeland Tanzania in East Africa and from her adoptive home, the Algarve.

“As an artist I am constantly on a voyage of discovery. A blank canvas or fine sheet of watercolour paper is an immediate challenge. Tubes of paint are a toy-box. Light is the inspiration, a scene shaped by light begs to be painted. Colours leap out and ask to be rendered. Stories lurk in every scene; all creatures and places have a story, human or animal, recalled at my easel in the studio or plein air. Emotional reaction demands they be depicted. Since devoting time to painting and sketching I have discovered a fascination with people, their personalities, body language and how life has marked their features and attitude. I’m happy when I can paint.”

During the month of October 2017 BJ’s works are included in exhibitions at The Museu de Faro and the Art Academy at the Marina de Lagos. See our Exhibitions Page for more information.

She is also a member of the Urban Sketchers Algarve group.

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Phone: (+351) 96 251 4148

Facebook Page: bj.boulter.5

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