Collection: Anke Punt Bach

The woman behind the work.

I am an artist
Driven by passion
Seized by obsession
Delighted by creation
Enthralled with expression
Diverted by day dreams
Filled with emotion
Fuelled by compulsion
Consumed with beauty
and blindside by inspiration…. Welcome to my mind.

If you are connected to my work….
Is it then important to know…

. That I learned a lot when I joined the Art Academy in London full time and practice still every day?
. That I was a member of the United Society of Artist, the Hesketh Hubbard Art Society and
the Federation of British Artists when we were living in London?
. That I had and organized exhibitions in Syria, Russia, London, The Hague, Australia and Portugal?
. That I am an Art Teacher by hart and love to inspire and motivate my students?

….. No, it is important that you enjoy my work if you look at it.

Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old.

Ankes paintings are on display at different locations:

Lusitânia Handmade Giftshop in Carvoeiro and Marie e Oli’s Restaurant in Armaçao de Péra . 

To purchase works of Anke, please get in contact with her via our e-mail.
She is currently not available for commissions.

Contact Information


Phone (+31) (0)683 033 678

Facebook: ArtAnkePuntBach

Instagram: ankepuntbach