Collection: Andrea Morgan

Andrea is a qualified Industrial designer qualified in Bogota, Colombia.

Modifier noun: 'Designer' is a person who has developed a skill to present information  in a way that is both accessible and memorable. Assembling together images, typography and/or motion graphics to create a piece of   art in either print or digital format.

The challenge to make every composition unique. ​Giving each of the projects a personality that is reflected and consistent in all of the graphics, building a strong connection with clients and users.


Her art works include macrophotography / mixed skills / digital 


Andrea has worked in several projects around the world, where art has been the main subject. Roles included, producing branding, posters and flyers that have the force to be eye catching and make people motivated to join us at the event or purchase the product


Andrea loves to play with a variety of techniques, Inks, Printing, Weaving, Mapping, Projection, digital, fabric, etc.

Never be bored, by using a variety of mixed media skills keeping my creativity fresh and modern.


Contact Information


Phone: (+351) 920 589894

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