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I was born in Switzerland, in Schaffhausen, on June 26, 1942.

Painting and drawing were my favorite subjects at school. Added to that was my interest in art, especially architecture. So it was soon very clear that I had to study architecture. At the same time, training in colour, structure and form was encouraged quite intensively. In my professional life, after the training, however, the arts almost became in the background of my work.

It was only later that I rediscovered the art of painting and began to attend supplementary courses in all fields of art to refresh my knowledge. Oils, acrylics, watercolours, all sorts of drawing pencils have been reactivated. A few exhibitions in Switzerland showed me that I had not forgotten everything! My partner, sculptor, encouraged me to stay true to my hobby and to intensify it. We have been living in the Argarve for a few years now. And it is easy to be stimulated by being here, surrounded by the colours, light and air.


The current pictures show buildings in our area of Moncarapacho, Olhao, who are in desperate need of a renovation. I think I am drawn to paint the substance and beauty of these old buildings.

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