Uschi Kuhn

“Every now and then, passion and talent collude in the hands of a true artist who transform life’s ordinary things, our ordinary bodies into a kaleidoscope of colour, splendour and joy”

An artist such as this is Uschi Kuhn

For over 40 years Uschi Kuhn has seen beauty in the ordinary and translated the mediocre into stunning works of art.

Touching, feeling, caring, humour and colour are the foundation stones from which she creates her art. Her fields of work are limitless as she is not bound by any single artistic medium; clay, water colour, body-art, ferrous-cement, papier-mâché, glass, sculpting, painting, are all equal tools in her hands.

Every single aspect of life has a value that Uschi recognizes; not only recognized through her artistic acumen, but recognized through her empathetic compassion. She has experienced real love, deep abiding contentment, but also heart-rending adversity and heartbreak in her life. These tragic events gave Uschi her profound compassion for the suffering of people and most especially for the struggle of women ‘picking up the pieces’ to survive, and who find the courage and confidence to thrive and flourish once again, as she herself has done. Her creed is defined in this quote:

“I have always embraced the world with both arms. I’ve conquered it, been lost, laughed a lot, and also cried and fought.”

Foto Engel im Regen 1

‘Engel im Regen 1’ © Uschi Kuhn

Uschi Kuhn was born in Heidelberg Germany, under the Sun Sign Leo with Scorpio Ascendant. She was raised in a strict but happy home by her Grandmother. Art as an occupation was frowned on by her father, so she chose a profession which combined her need to be close to people, gave her artistic expression and satisfied her affection for tactile work; she became a beautician, cosmetologist and hair stylist. She married and she and her husband moved to South Africa. After a happy ten years, with 2 children ,2 dogs and 2 cats in tow, they returned to Germany. Uschi eventually gained her Master’s Degree in hairdressing via night classes.

These arduous days nearly broke her spirit; exhaustion began to be the only emotion she was feeling. But it was during this period of her life, where she began some of her most creative and exciting works. She was fearless and confident. She entered many events and competitions winning much international acclaim and awards for her innovative styles, especially for her profound ‘Body-Art’ work. Meanwhile through all her travels, raising her family and building a successful business in two continents, she continuously painted and painted a large body of notable works.

After the children were grown, once again the pull of warm, dry weather called to Uschi. She and her husband moved to their ‘Forever Home’ in a lovely villa in the hills near the sea in Portugal. They worked thoughtfully and built a myriad of gardens on the property each with their own unique character and nucleus of enchantment. Walking through the gardens of her Algarve paradise one is struck by the similarity of the far off vistas like her beloved South Africa’s Table Mountain which exerts its powerful and charismatic pull, drawing any and all to fall under its spell.


‘Artuschi-6’ © Uschi Kuhn

She built a successful beauty salon on the hill, poured herself into charitable works, and became the Rotary President of The Almancil International Rotary Club (AIRC)

But this bucolic happy life was shattered when in 2013 her cherished husband suddenly died in her arms of a massive heart attack. It took Uschi a long time to emerge from this grief. But with the help of her friends, family and Guardian Angel ‘Honey’ she eventually emerged from the pain and began new life-adventures both in love and in the creation of her new Artist Retreat.

She has designed a Mediterranean retreat for artists to come and stay for 7 days. This Artist Retreat is a creative, embracing, spiritual, stimulating, relaxing place to immerse oneself and during which the environs allow ones imagination and dreams to be exposed using any artistic venue or medium.

“All my life in my minds-eye I had the picture of walking myself strolling in my ‘wunsch-garten’ in a long flowing dress wearing a sun hat and pausing in different locations to paint. And now that I have manifest my childhood dream, I want to share my piece of paradise with other artists and perhaps help guide them to relax, release, enjoy themselves and explore new possibilities in Art.”

Foto Engel blau-001

‘Engel blau-001’ © Uschi Kuhn

Uschi is available for private commissions and her work can be viewed at her home studio by appointment. More details of her Artist Retreat will be added to this website soon.

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You can view more of her work via her gallery here. Click on any of the images to start the slideshow.

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