Teodor Isfan

Medium: Sculptor and painter

My name is Teodor Isfan and I was born on 25th of October 1982, in Bucharest.
Graduated High School of Art “N. Tonitza” as “Technician in statuary sculpture” and continued his studies at the University of Orthodox Theology, at the department of art restoration of religious icons.



N_E_C_1 © Teodor Isfan


…treading into the unknown. Developed a style and kept on exploring. I suggest to leave “Understanding” at the door and enter.



I_O_1 © Teodor Isfan


You can buy my work by direct contact with me through the email provided here on the ASA Algarve Society of Artists page and also through the rest of social media contacts. Personal website soon.



Misc_2 © Teodor Isfan

Contact Information

Website: …coming soon.

E-mail: teodorisfan@gmail.com

Facebook: TeoIsfan

Instagram: texmotherfckrtex


You can view more of his work via his gallery here. Click on any of the images to start the slide show.