Shannon Idzikowska

Medium: Acrylic, oil, and mixed media painter

Shannon is an artist who lives near Montejunto, Portugal. This was a recent endeavour, however — giving up the old ridiculously busy lifestyle she used to live in London (the boring job, the small rented flat, and societal expectations of “shoulds”), she threw it all in the past to live the life of her dreams in Portugal. Simply, in London, there was no time to wake up and dance in the sunshine or love other people deeply!

Shiva on Mount Kailash 1200

Shiva on Mount Kailash © Shannon Idzikowska


She is also a Buddhist and runs a podcast called the Curious Bodhi on spiritual awakening and the influence spirituality has as human beings reach a new height in economics, philosophy, politics and systems thinking like spiral dynamics. She is literally building an eco-house with her own hands as we speak to be living off-grid and step gently on this earth. Creativity and Bhakti: the love for God, are the two driving forces that keep her spirit bright.

Dwelling of the Dakinis 1200

Dwelling of the Dakinis © Shannon Idzikowska

Shannon’s early work is characterised by touchable 3-dimensional abstract shapes and luminous colours. Vibrant colour always formed the essence of her painting as energy and emotion on canvas. Over the years, she branched into formative acrylic works, refining her style and expressing what she loves most: ancient Hindu and Buddhist symbolism, devas and deities, fantasy and mind-landscapes, and the magic of nature.

Buddhist Bhavacakra 1200

Buddhist Bhavacakra © Shannon Idzikowska

I am always taking commissions and my work can be bought by contacting or calling +447532059313. I also sell at local exhibitions

Contact Information


Phone: +44 7532059313

Instagram: macro.cosmart

You can view more of her work via her gallery here. Click on any of the images to start the slide show.